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Based in Ellicott City, MD, Neva Design welcomes clients from our corner of the globe in Maryland, as well as from further flung locations. Indeed, throughout our 11 years in the web design business, we’ve been fortunate enough to build up a truly colorful, global client base.

Whether you represent a non-profit organization, solo outfit, startup, small, medium or large enterprise: Neva Design is geared to meet all your specific web design & development needs. Specializing in creative and responsive web design and upbeat front-end development we understand the online market and plan to ensure that you and your company stay right on point!

We pride ourselves on satisfying our clients, no matter how diverse their needs. We’ve successfully completed projects over a vast array of niches, with our trendy, optimal, super-functional web design, guaranteed to increase internet presence and assist clients in achieving (and exceeding) their business goals. With friendly, considerate and informed service, we form relationships based on trust above all.

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As passionate professionals in the web design game, we are focused on establishing long term, sustainable relationships with our clients by offering only the highest quality, customizable solutions in the shortest turnaround time and at the most affordable prices, to meet your company’s specific budget and unique goals. This focus is evident in our client base, most of whom are valued long term clients. If you’d like to take the next step or simply learn more please give us a call at 412-657-3906 or fill out the form.

Maria Stankevich

about the owner

Maria Stankevich is a passionate creative talent, with a bachelors degree in media arts and technology, specializing in multimedia management and web design. Having founded Neva Design in 2009, she is a seasoned graphic and web designer with close to a decade’s worth of experience as a front End Developer.

Maria has achieved various accolades during her career, including the highest of ratings on Upwork, a top online platform for creative freelancers and their clients. Not only is Maria driven by her passion to build longstanding client relationships and broaden business horizons, she also happens to be fluent in multiple languages and even played professional D1 Basketball for Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA!

Why choose neva design

Personal Care

Individuals are the real heart and soul of any organization, no matter it’s scope…that’s why personal care is so important to us. We meet you one on one, whether face to face, by phone or online, with friendly, individualized service so that we can take into account your unique desires and require-ments, keeping you at the project’s core, in all things. Rest assured, we will walk you through every step of this exciting process.

creative design

The internet is, quite simply, our virtual representation of the world: trends, look and identity matter just as much here as they do on the high streets…even more so, since our potential audience is exponentially broadened. We offer upbeat, Creative Design that’s guaranteed to meet and possibly help to set those trends, keeping you way, way ahead of the pack.

Cost Effective

We understand budget constraints and the need for affordable, effective solutions. We are here to help you make the most of what you have, in business, more often than not, the truly big things begin on no more than a wing and a prayer. You can rely on us for Cost Effective, Budget Friendly yet thoroughly outstanding service.

Sites Built Right

Keywords and cross-browser capability aren’t everything: functionality begins within. The internet is a constantly evolving, living arena…at Neva Design we know that compliance with the very latest web standards is a critical component of any build. By building your site correctly we assist you in the process of gaining rank in the search engines.

Responsive Design

Whether visitors to your site are using an iPad, a Smartphone or a Windows PC…our designs en-sure that they’ll see the same page every single time, eliminating confusion and maximizing conversions.

seo friendly

With the entire business world online and vying for the front row: Search Engine Optimization is a standard requirement these days! It’s no use having an outstanding site if it doesn’t rank highly enough on search engines to be noticed…that’s basically the equivalent of putting a designer boutique down by the old dock, if you catch our drift! Our sites are fully SEO friendly and we employ only the best SEO practices whilst building your site.

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